Essay about Institutional Discrimination Against Women 's Employment

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Institutional discrimination against women comes in many forms. While employment and the accompanying processes are only one of the many ways that institutional discrimination is carried out, it affects society greatly. This happens through the wage gap, the sex typing of jobs, and barriers placed so women struggle in certain fields. The discrimination in employment is shaped by those who are in charge, who limit women’s employment through history, who discourage women’s education in certain areas, and who view all women as potential mothers. There has been push for equality in employment through legislation, although not everyone agrees with it and the legislation may have not yet created the equality intended. This discrimination is also intersectional, in that race and sexuality, along with other axes of oppression, change the way that women are treated with regards to employment discrimination.
Gender segregation or sex typing in the job market means that certain occupations are considered “men’s work” while other jobs are considered “woman’s work.” Any given field is considered gender segregated if it consists of 75% or more of one gender. For instance, women make up about 96% of secretaries and 91% of nurses, while men make up about 98% of construction workers and 97% of truck drivers (TEXTBOOK). These jobs, and many other gendered jobs, carry the significance of a gendered society. For instance, women are seen as caring and nurturing in the United States, and…

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