Essay on Inside The Mind Of Shopper : A Look Into Peapod

1537 Words Nov 3rd, 2014 7 Pages
James Hall
Professor Elizabeth Harris & April Carlisle
Shopper Marketing 490
October 29th, 2014

Inside the Mind of a Shopper: A look into Peapod

In the book Inside the Mind of Shopper: The Science of Retailing, Doctor Herb Sorensen answers the question “What do you really do when you shop?” Dr. Sorenson stresses that retailers are “leaving” millions in sales by simply not watching and understanding the customer’s behaviors. Dr. Herb Sorensen has some important takeaways from his research that expose the truth about the retail shopper and reject old myths about shopper marketing that lead retailers to miss big revenue opportunities Dr. Sorensen’s book mostly focuses on shopper marketing within large and small supermarkets, in that he uses examples applied to retail supermarkets. However, I will attempt to take Dr. Sorensen’s key principals on active retailing, and apply it to an ecommerce site called Peapod. The key Sorensen points I will use to examine their potential applications for Peapod are: (1) Understanding Shopper trip length, speed of closing sales and Shopper efficiency (2) Explaining big head short tail, product spread (3) Explaining Dual Chaos and Layer merchandising. One key takeaway from Sorensen’s book is that shoppers make small trips to big stores. Most retail stores are designed for large stock-up shopping trips. Only most shopping trips and a third of dollar sales are "quick trips" for only a few items. This research also holds true when…

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