Innovation in the Fashion Industry Essay

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Innovation in the Fashion Industry: A Study of Four Cases


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The history of fashion Major trends and developments in fashion Company Selection Analysis of the Companies House of Einstein Zara Fragile TOMS Conclusion Teamwork References Appendix


The history of fashion
In order to fully understand where the fashion industry stands today in terms of organizational forms and strategies, we first look at the transformation this industry has gone through. This paragraph will analyze the
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The middle­ and upper­middle class was growing in mass and in buying­power. Individuals within this group of people were looking for ways to distinct themselves. The education­level of the western consumers was getting higher and their level of expectation increased with it. These new consumers were not only looking for perfect quality, service, and design, but also expected lower prices and immediate satisfaction. This upcoming group of consumers created a window for new competitors in the fashion industry. By acting upon these environmental changes and using them to their own advantage, the new competitors in fact reinforced the developments already occurring. A number of companies were not looking to acquire the label of haute couture, but instead made the most of their marginal position and created an entirely new industry: the luxury ready­to­wear (Djelic and Ainamo, 1999). These companies tapped into a growing group of middle­ and upper­middle class customers that were benefiting from a significant period of economic growth. In order to compete, these new competitors tried to forecast consumer demand and fashion trends long before the actual time of consumption (Bhardwaj and Fairhust, 2010). Recent

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