Argumentative Essay On Female Inmates

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Women Inmates: Unlocking an epidemic
Wake up. Brush teeth. Get dressed. Eat breakfast. Daily routines that most have a choice in. Will I brush with mint or gel? Will I dress casually or professionally? Will I eat cereal or oatmeal for breakfast? These choices are choices most do not consider or ponder because they are often available on any given day. Female prisoners are stripped of almost every choice they once had. Female prisoners are told what time to wake up in the mornings, which jumpsuit to wear, and are told what food they may eat. Female prisoners are striped from the opportunity to choose based on inner desires. As crime rates continue to soar across the country, the growth of female inmates incarcerated also rises. Thomas P. Bonczar,
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Understanding the crimes committed by females is also an important part of understanding. The crimes committed range from theft, drugs, and homicide. Theft is a crime that ***FACTS ABOUT THEFT** Theft is an offense that can be accomplished without the use of force such as weapons. This creates a crime that appears to be an easier task for a criminal. Unfortunately, women are often pressured to commit such a crime in order to obtain money. That money is often used on living expenses such as rent, utilities, and gas. Theft is also used to obtain other things besides cash such as food, diapers, and formula. Drugs are another crime often committed by females. Possessions of drugs as well as solicitation of drugs are ways the crime is committed. Again, drugs like theft are often used as a means for providing necessities such as food and living expenses. While this is not always the case, the reality is that desperation often trumps what is legal. As with theft, the pressure can be felt from a spouse. Whether out of the need to provide or the need to follow a spouse’s request, women are often pressured into committing illegal acts. Theft and drugs can be a stepping stone that leads to larger crimes such as homicide or murder. **FACT ABOUT …show more content…
Mothers, wives, and grandmothers that are incarcerated are absent from their families in a way that not only has immediate effects, but also future generational effects. Evaluation of this epidemic gives a better understanding of how and why the increase is happening. Giving women better job opportunity including equal pay is vital. Often women are forced into crime by the pressure of the need to provide for her family. The pressure for women to play the domestic role in the household, raise the children, and provide an income has risen over the last fifty years. This pressure appears to be too much for many women. While many men in our country have answered the call to share responsibilities, many still have not. In order to decrease the growth of women inmates, men have to recognize the pressure women face and be willing to share responsibilities. The country’s prison facilities are in need of modifications. The facilities serve as housing for criminals. Though, the overall goal of each facility should be to assist in making the women less of a criminal and more a productive member of society. There are programs in place to better the women, but not enough programs. Incarceration is an opportunity to have the full attention of women during a time when their lives are on hold. What a perfect chance to instill in them education and equip

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