Injustice Is The Lack Of Fairness And Equality Between Two Or More

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Injustice: In my opinion injustice is the lack of fairness and equality between two or more

people or groups.

The Difference in Pay Between Genders in Canada

One large injustice found in the economic industry is the gap between a woman 's

average income and a man 's average income. According to the Statistics Canada data report

conducted in 2011, women made an estimated 74 cents for every dollar a man made in

relation to full­time income. This is actually better than in 1987 where women were paid only

64 cents for every dollar made by a full­time male worker. Statistics show that the gap

between male and female annual income is narrowing, but still a problem. This injustice

between pay resulted in The Pay Equity Act being passed in 1987, with the intention to

eliminate the difference between female and male earnings. Economic statisticians have made

the estimate that between 10 and 15 percent of the gap amongst sexes is caused by gender


A study of gender inequalities in the workplace found that women make around eight

thousand dollars less than their male counterparts of the same exact job in Canada. This is

twice the global average of pay gaps between men and women. The worldwide average of

gender pay difference is around four thousand dollars making Canada a good example of

gender injustice in the workplace. Women account for nearly half of…

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