Airport Security Plan

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The following documentation shows an initial security planning report for Airport Network Security. The information takes into consideration and provides the following:
1. Network Diagram
2. Stakeholder Information
3. Laws and Regulations
4. Risk Assessment
5. Operational Technical Controls
SNHU Consulting has been hired to provide technical services to propose a Risk Mitigation Plan for the Airport and involves securing the following:
1. Network Security
2. Wireless Security
3. Physical Security
4. Customer/Patron Security
5. Commerce Security
The fundamental parts of system security are, for example,
• Secure remote access can be given virtual private systems VPNs
• Antispyware & Antivirus
• Unauthorized access to system can
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These can be viewed as travelers who expect better quality services and on the other hand these can also be viewed as participants in the economic system (Schaar).

Laws and Regulations
The laws and regulations are established by the transportation security administration of the airport organization. In order to provide extra security to the air travelers or to the airport itself, following laws and regulations needs to be developed:
• The travelers should pack their carry-on bags in an effective manner in order to get through the airport security faster. A perfect manner of carrying the content is defined by the transport security administration which must be followed by the passengers so that proper security can be provided in the airport.
• The transport security administration department of an airport has also established the law pertaining to the liquids.
• The laws and regulations pertaining to clothes have also been established by the transport security administration in order to reduce the burden of X-ray machine. Travelers are allowed to wear light clothes and are also restricted to use cell phones, keys, etc

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