Essay about Infrastructure Dos Attacks And Its Effects On The World

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Infrastructure DOS attacks only occur when someone does something physically. This is also a reason why an infrastructure attack is very vulnerable. Because you have to be at the scene doing the attack, you can be caught by people at the scene and that can blow you cover. This is another reason why infrastructure attacks are not something we usually hear about in the news. However, there are other DoS attacks that occur that don’t require your physical presence to be present at the scene of the attack. Those attacks are more frequent and something that in today’s technological world, is something that we see more and more, and we hear on the news that companies are being DoS attacked.
One attacks that is done through the internet and the computer is called a Smurf attack. Smurf attacks “Involve a utility called pining” (Ed. Laurie J.). A pining utility “is used to verify the existence and operation of the host computer” the host computer is the computer that is in charge of the things such as the web server being used, and or the host website, which is the main web page for any website. Pining is used to find out what kind of operations a computer is doing so that it can find a vulnerable spot to break into. Once that vulnerable spot is found “a signal is sent to the host, and a reply requested” (Ed. Laurie J.). A simpler way to put it is you send a request for information, and the other party sends to a bits of information that you start to put together until you finally…

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