Informative Essay On Buffalo Bill

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February 26, 1846, a legend was born in LeClaire, Scott Country, Iowa. William F. Cody lived and grew up in North Platte, Nebraska and died at Lookout Mountain, Colorado where thousands of people visit each year. William F. Cody's part in history of North Platte and Lincoln Country began on May 20, 1869, the day he came to Fort McPherson, a cavalry post, along with Brevet Major General Eugene A. Carr and the Fifth U.S. Cavalry. Cody leading as a guide to a large wagon train of supplies, and troops sent up from Fort Lyon, Kansas , to re-enforce a post on Platte. When only twenty-three years old , Cody was already well known as a dead shot and a top scout.
In 1864-65, Cody fell in love with a young lady named Louisa Frederici while out visiting a military headquarters in St. Louis. Cody was determined saying
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At the time, he was only twenty-six years old. "Scouts of the Prairie" was a drama created by dime novelist Ned Buntline, who appeared in it with Cody and another scout, "Texas Jack". The show was a success, many people also thought that actor or not, Buffalo Bill was a showman. "Buffalo Bill’s Wild West" used real cow-boys and cow-girls, recruited from ranches in the West and also included a cast of hundreds as well as live buffalo, elk, cattle, and other animals.The shows demonstrated bronco riding, roping, and other skills. Luckily in 1887, Buffalo Bill's Wild West was invited to England to be the main American contribution to Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee celebration. "Buffalo Bill’s Wild West" was the hit of the celebration, visited by nobility, commoners, and by Queen Victoria. "Buffalo Bill’s Wild West" rose to international fame and returned two years later to tour the Europe once again. Sadly in 1917, Buffalo Bill died in Denver, Colorado and was buried on Lookout Mountain by choice. Louisa, his wife and mother of his child, was buried next to her husband four years

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