Informative Essay On Afghanistan

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I. Introduction
Hook: Afghanistan…. Because we live in America, our government and hollywood have indoctrinated us over our lifetime. Why do I say that? For most of us, when I said Afghanistan we began to picture what we have been trained to think of. Ak-47’s, bearded men wearing white turbans and robes, terrorist, bombs… Our government is wrong. Hollywood is wrong. We are wrong. Wrong for judging.
Purpose: Shed light on students of what the Afghan culture is and our misconceptions.
Transition: Let us begin with a basic understanding of where Afghanistan is and some recent history to get our minds in the subject.
II. Geographical and History
Afghanistan is located in southern Asia, it is the size of Texas and the land is mostly
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Women in Afghanistan lack education (Budd MacKenzie, 2010). Women are not very educated, and their sole purpose is to have and raise children. Approximately 85% of women have not received a formal education and are illiterate. Only 1 out of 20 girls will attend college beyond the 6th grade. Not only is attending school rare but it is also dangerous for women. Schools for girls are not common due to the fact that they are often burned down and hundreds of teachers who educate girls have been threatened or killed. It is very hard to be a women in Afghanistan. Afghan women are not treated with respect and are viewed as objects. About 80% of marriages are either arranged or forced, some girls are bartered into marriage to repay debt or resolve a previous conflict. Many parents also get the girls out and married at such a young age because it is easier to marry them off to an older wealthy husband than have to pay the expenses that come along with having a child. These young wives have a low status in the family and many are abused by their husbands or …show more content…
(Abdullah Qazi, 2008).The word Buzkashi is a Persian word that is translated to goat dragging. This sport requires the horse mounted players to attempt to drag the carcass of a goat or calf toward a goal. This is a national sport in Afghanistan despite the attempts to ban it under the Taliban regime. This is a very old sport and traditionally the game may last several days, but the modern regulated tournament version has limited match times. The carcass that is being dragged is gutted and soaked in water 24 hours before the game begins. This is done to prevent tearing and pieces falling off, also at times the carcass is also filled with sand in order to give some extra weight.
The second most popular sport in Afghanistan is soccer and is followed by cricket. Cricket was brought over by the Afghan refugees who had lived in Pakistan which is where cricket is a very popular sport. Once cricket was brought over to Afghanistan in 2002 it quickly flourished and Afghanistan went on to sharing the Asian Cricket Council with Oman. Afghanistan defeated Nepal in 2010 and won the

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