Information Technology vs Information Systems Essay

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Answer ALL Questions.
1. What is the difference between information technology and information systems? Describe some of the functions of information systems. In your answer include two examples of information technologies and two examples of information systems.
Information technology is the use of computer hardware, software and associated technologies to process data and achieve company’s business objectives. Some examples of information technologies include mobile computer devices such as PDAs as well as online banking software.
Information technology can be thought of essentially as a way of implementation and management of computer information systems.
Information system is a computerized set of interrelated tools and procedures
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They are implemented to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes. An information system can have a major impact on company’s corporate strategy and can contribute to the success of the organization.
Information systems can be used by a company to allow for superior decision making by generating various reports and summaries of information. This in turn can provide a competitive advantage and more opportunities for the company. It can simplify and accelerate a lot of internal processes giving the management time to work on improving the customer relationship and services or looking for a new business opportunities. Finally, a company’s use of information provided by information systems can be a vital factor in providing a higher quality products and better service.

5. Explain the importance of understanding how to use and interpret an organizations business processes. Provide three examples of key business processes used in hospitals.
A business process is a sequence of interrelated activities occurring within an organization which aim is to produce a product or service. Key business processes can be defined as those creating the most value and having the most impact on the success of an organization. It is of great importance to have a deep understanding and knowledge of key business processes as it is a critical component of process improvement and deploying company’s corporate

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