Information Technology Mc Donald Case Essay

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Question 1- How does McDonald’s use technology to learn what customers want?
Answer – Mc Donald’s has a clear definition of customer needs and expectation. Its formula is QSC- Quality, service and Cleanliness. Transaction quality defined from a customer’s perceptive means paying for product or service in a way that makes customer feel good about doing business with a company. Mc Donald’s has developed an apprenticeship program for prospective project manager, combining classroom theory, on the job learning, and support from mentors. Mc Donald’s is accomplishing this program in association with the computer technology industry association ( CompTIA). The goal is to develop a national information technology apprenticeship system aimed
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3. To reduce labor costs: Use technology to improve productivity. For example, corporations are improving workers’ productivity by providing technology that enables mobile employees to setup their schedules without coming into the office.
4. Procurement: Standardize and centralize the purchase of raw materials, parts, goods and services.
5. Shared services: Use technology to inject new efficiencies into shared-services operations (for example, sharing payroll systems among business units).

Question3- Will Wi-Fi increase sales? Will you pay for Wi-Fi access at McDonald’s?
Answer- Yes, we think it will increase sales, the more time customers are in the restaurant, the more money they are going to spend in the restaurant. Offering wireless internet access to those customers with a Wi-Fi enable laptop or smart phone will add even more sales to the bottom line and make customers loyal to the brand. As per the case the Wi-Fi access charges for 2 hours would be $4.95 but if any customer’s buys a meal they get the access for free. Nowadays wireless access has become indispensable at any place, and today’s young generation get attracted to internet.
Yes I would definitely pay if the cost is minimal.

Question4- Does the franchise model make it more difficult to implement information technology solution? Explain.
The franchise model will not make it difficult to implement information technology,McDonald’s has launched a Wi-Fi pilot

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