Information Systems Have Changed the Way We Collaborate and Work in Significant Ways

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Nowadays, the change of the social life is inseparable from the contribution of social science and technology. Information systems as a dominant force generated by the Information Science and Technology are the leading factor in the advanced modern science and technology system. The power of information has quickly changed the society, has influenced people's ways of living and ways of working. Modern information system relies on technical part including information technology and information contents such as people's activities including decision making, management and support operations. The information system promote efficiency of work and improve quality of life. This article will address the information systems that have changed the …show more content…
From 2000 to 2009, the number of Internet users rose from 394 million to 185.8 million globally (International Telecommunications Union,2010). In 2010, 1.5 billion people could access internet around the world, 30 billion Google searched every month, 2 billion videos viewed on YouTube every day and 300 million people accessed online blogs ( Antara News,2011) . Internet shortens the distance of the world, as well as entertain the life of the people. It derives a lot of derivatives, such as virtual organisation, which is also called network organisation. When a virtual organization forms an independent organisation through share resources to achieve their goals. it becomes the virtual enterprise. The operation of the virtual enterprise's technology is based on a computer network. The development of market economy and network technologies mature in the new stage, to lay the foundation for the emergence of the virtual enterprise. If there is no network technology, there would not be the presence of a virtual enterprise. However, the virtual enterprise, how to change the traditional business model? This article will address this in the following three points.

First, the virtual organisation changes the way of company's management, in particular the management efficiency. Entity business enterprise management is divided into three parts: top leaders, intermediate leaders and grass-roots employee. Top leaders pass information to intermediate

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