Information Systems And The Healthcare Industry Essay examples

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Information Systems in the Healthcare Industry The Healthcare Industry has many dynamic movements and innovations. As stated by Kathleen M. Young, “every action taken depends on previous information and knowledge” (Young, p. 11). If the industry missed even one piece of information it would put many lives on the line. Information systems (IS) have become critical to help healthcare professionals better serve patients by accessing, saving, and analyzing data. The data could be anything from patient statistics to the research for an untreatable disease. Healthcare informatics help professionals turn these vast amounts of data into saved lives. Between the cycles of data to information to knowledge, informatics happens when “knowledge is then ‘transformed’ into decisions and discoveries of new knowledge” (Young, p. 16). AstraZeneca (AZ), a global pharmaceutical company, offers countless examples of a company in the healthcare industry running the race against technology.

Types of Information Systems at AstraZeneca
AstraZeneca turned to various types of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to take their strides forward. Wanting to work on the R&D strategy, AstraZeneca developed a database, MATRIX to serve as a “data warehouse” (Scanlon, The Matrix). In business review, AZ discovered that “there was a strong perception that existing information systems had become ‘black holes’ (Scanlon, Project History). AstraZeneca’s next steps were to develop MARS, a business…

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