Information Services And Services At & T Essay

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Products and Services
AT &T offers many services. They offer wireless services such as video services, telecommunications and internet services. They are competitive in their pricing for wireless and voice communications services. AT&T offers services for both retail and whole services alike. AT&T also offers many services both locally and internationally. “The Other segment includes equipment, outsourcing, government-related services, customer information services and satellite video services” (Forbes, n.d.).
AT&T ca be identified as a related diversified business. They acquired numerous cable companies to provide broadband services. They have diversified out from offering telephone services and into providing internet services, television service and wireless service.
AT&T was divided into four separate business units in 1996; AT&T telecommunications branch; Lucent equipment branch; NCR Computer services and computer equipment branch and AT&T Capital Corp. credit and leasing. Because of these changes AT&T was able to adapt a 10% cost-reduction annually for three years (Dadd, 1998).
Customer ServiceRelations
AT&T employees are given substantial freedom when interacting with customers (Dadd, 1998). This allows AT& T to build better customer relationships and allows employees to better understand customer’s desires. Unfortunately, according to O’Grady (2009), customers ranked AT&T at the bottom of the poll in a survey concerning wireless carriers. AT&T performed…

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