Information Security Essay

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IT SECURITY All of new technologies of the modern age have changed the way the human race commutates with other human beings. Also, this feat has made the way business is conducted today very convent and easier to do. The Internet is a huge discover for mankind for the commutation barrier. With all of these new products like smartphones, tablets, and computers made this new capability for anyone in the world that can afford at least one of these products. Since this new commutation barrier is being used daily by the human race, this very much-changed the “business world”. Databases of your personal information, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and even your address are on the Internet somewhere. …show more content…
Recovering from information breaches can take years and the costs are huge. The consequences of an information breach are severe. For businesses, a breach usually entails huge financial penalties, expensive lawsuits, loss of reputation and business. This threat is a huge concern especially for corporations that do business with general public. This is why an IT security personnel needs to be a very trustworthy person because if they are only people who really have the skill to stop these hackers, who says they won’t steal and use information unethically. IT security personnel often have access to confidential data and knowledge about individuals' and companies' networks and systems that give them a great deal of power. That power can be abused, either deliberately or inadvertently. In fact, many IT professionals approach their work with a hacker's perspective: whatever you can do, you're entitled to do. Organizations have extreme amount information out there on the Internet somewhere that they don’t want an unauthorized individual to get ahold of. This is a risk that every Major Corporation faces today! Tons of pressure is on these IT security people to make sure that no unauthorized person can get classified information. Corporations such as Amazon, eBay, Google, Facebook, Apple has been the leading innovator of how information security has been improving. Millions of

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