Information Security And Security Methods Essay

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Information security has arguably been around for centuries. Around the fifth century BC, the time of Herodotus, information was secured by shaving the head of a slave, tattooing a message, and before the slave was given orders to deliver the message, the hair was allowed to grow back, thus concealing the message and having rudimentary information security (Patterson, 2010). This ancient method of protecting information is highlighted to articulate information security methods are in need of constant revisions to protect information from new threats. According to Taluja and Dua (2012), information security methods are in need of constant revision to combat both new and upcoming threats. These new threats arise in different forms derived from quick technological innovations that may leave openings susceptible to attack through simplistic means (Baskerville, Spagnoletti, & Kim, 2014). Information security has developed into an organizational priority for many organizations due to increased regulations and emphasis on securing and protection organizational data and assets from both internal and external entities (Herath et al., 2010). In keeping with changing organizational priorities and technological advancements, educational institutions are incorporating information security programs into the curriculum offered to students (He, Yuan, & Yang, 2013).
Due to the various information security threats and vulnerabilities that are prevalent, the protection of information is a…

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