Social Security Threats

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As time passes, technology continue to evolve, become more advanced and easier to use and people also become more knowledgeable about technology. But this also create a huge problem such as hackers, people who do not respect the privacy of others. This was demonstrated when thousands of personal records from normal users was exposed online. This could be preventing if the system was tested carefully, which is what happened to Samsung newest smartphone when thousands of people reported the phone was busted into fire.
Issue 1
In fiscal year 2013, United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) received a notification listed cyber incidents from major agencies and it was found that these major agencies did not consistently
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While some incidents can be resolved quickly and at minimal cost; however, with the number of cyber incidents reported by federal agencies kept on increasing, not all incidents may be accounted for and many may go unresolved and incur exorbitant costs. Here is one of the examples reported in June 2014 show how broad ineffective cyber protection can affect: “In June 2014, the Office of Personnel Management announced that personal information, including Social Security numbers, belonging to 22 million federal employees and others had been hacked,” according to …show more content…
Since the recall, Samsung had offered to everyone who currently owned a Note 7 with a replacement phones. However, many reports suggested that even the new replacement phones could not avoid the original serious problem. The following is a sample of people that had reported the incident: “A replacement phone caught fire aboard a Southwest airlines flight on Oct 5. And on Oct. 7, a woman in Taiwan suffered a scare of her own while walking her dog in a local park when she heard a bang from her jeans pocket. She discovered that her Galaxy Note 7 was emitting smoke. She claims to have replaced her original Samsung device on Sept. 27.”

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