Influences Of Mass Media

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Introduction There are many important influences and matters of life that changes the way people react to the society all around the world. One of the most important influences is the mass media communication. Mass media is the diversity collections of technologies and communications that reach the largest audience all around the globe. I interviewed different ages, genders, and nationalities to know how they are influenced to mass media. In this essay, I will talk about the influences of mass media to all kind of people. The differences between the old and the young, and the differences between the past and the present. I will demonstrate the way the people use mass media and what their thought towards this influence are.
Newspapers and Televisions Newspapers and Televisions are both an old type of mass media. However,
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It showed me that television is very popular to all ages, although it is an old form of media. Ages in group A and B, both genders, use the television mainly for cartoons, movies, and TV shows. Still, the drawbacks are obvious, headache, eye weakness, and wasting time. However, ages in group C and D, both genders, mainly use the television for news and political interviews. The elder age group did not have any drawbacks, because news and political interviews are very important to know. Television has a strong influence to all different kind of people, even though that they use it for a different purpose. In the past, newspapers were the strongest influence of mass media. Moreover, some people called newspapers as the definition of media. However, things have changed now. Person1 did not mention a word about newspapers,

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