Influences in the Teaching Environment Essay

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There are several conditions that have an influence on the teaching environment. Negative classroom conditions as well as disruptive behaviors can have an impact on the teaching environment. The classroom needs to have certain conditions met to facilitate effective learning. For example, a classroom that lacks order, structure, and organization is not going to be an effective learning environment. If a teacher is not organized, she may waste instructional time looking for materials or trying to decide what she wants to work on next. A classroom that lacks structure will be a chaotic classroom with students unsure of what they are supposed to do. Teachers need to invest time in becoming organized; they should set up their classroom so they …show more content…
A teacher needs to be consistent and always follow through with consequences. She quickly will lose the trust of students when there is no follow through. Consequences for misbehavior should be logical and not a punishment. As school budgets are cut, the number of students per class increases. Large class sizes have the potential to negatively influence the teaching environment. Large class sizes means small classrooms overcrowded with students, which can lead to students misbehaving. It is critical in this situation to have good classroom management skills. It can be difficult to deliver a lesson or conduct a group activity if students do not know the procedures to follow. A teacher who spends time teaching procedures to a large group of students will have a well run classroom. Students need to be continually engaged in meaningful learning. When students become bored or they have nothing to do, they are more likely to engage in undesirable behaviors. A teacher needs to think creatively, take into consideration student strengths and weaknesses, and create lessons that incorporate different learning styles. A teacher should have a plan for those students who finish an assignment quickly. A student who is not actively working on something will disrupt other students who are working. Students require a learning environment that feels comfortable and safe. Students who

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