Importance Of Learning Perspectives On Teaching

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To commence with, there are many ways how teachers are using the learning perspective in their classrooms. An instance would be when they decide what ways they should introduce new information to the students and ensuring that the students do learn and understand the information. Along with that, teachers also find solutions to problems that they see the students face in their classrooms and they find it necessary to solve it because of the great impact it can do for both the student(s) and the teacher. There are two articles that give information on how teachers and students interact with each other and the different techniques teachers are provided to assist them in their teachings. The two articles that were found are: Understanding Teachers’ …show more content…
introduced the learning perspective by gathering teachers at different sites and they also gathered information on the teachers’ “perspectives, experiences and understanding about teaching through observations, interviews, journals and dialogues” which they used to assist the teachers to understand what really is the case of the issues they face at school. They learnt that they sometimes are the ones that control what happens in the class and the ways how the students learn from them. Eventually the teachers learnt that they should emphasize more on what they teach in class. It mentioned that by Marbles et al. that “the national systemic school reform effort has assumed that sending clear and consistent signals to teachers, students, and parents about what is important to teach and learn is an essential element of school improvement” and those provide clear information about what should be taught to students in order for them to focus and learn well (2000). All the information that was provided in the articles provides a clear understanding of the teachers’ perspectives and the different ways how they clear issues inside their classrooms and how they plan to carry out information to the

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