Influence Of Technology On The Hearts Of Man Essay

2154 Words Nov 19th, 2016 9 Pages
Influence by technology, Myopia has emerged in the hearts of man. The American people have developed this mentality of it is all about me. Sayings like “YOLO’ and “Let me take a selfie,” show just how self-absorbed our culture truly is. People care way too much about themselves and their own wants rather than about the needs of others. Lynn Sherr wrote an article that speaks about this sense of entitlement that Americans have developed. They think that they have a right to things and deserve to be treated a certain way in that they perceive themselves as being flawless. She even includes some scenarios that show just how big brained and self-absorbed people are. She says, “Entitlement: the sense of so many in our me-centric society that the world owes them something for nothing. Like parking in the handicapped slot. ‘I’ll just be a sec!’ coos the lithe young brunette, sliding out of her car to retrieve her oh-so-urgent dry cleaning while an arthritic senior citizen circles the block” (Sherr). She addresses how inconsiderate and negligent people can be. She goes on to tell another story about a student who thinks they deserve exceptional grades even though they didn’t put in the effort. Lynn Sherr says, “Entitlement: the ‘I’m special’ attitude of a generation of students who insist that teaches elevate their grades. ‘I came to all my classes,’ they whine. ‘Why didn’t I get an A’” (Sherr)? This is another scenario that shows how students think they should receive excellent…

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