Power And Influence Of Stereotypes

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The readings discuss the power and influence of stereotypes and how it extends into the deepest areas of our lives, areas that we don 't always want to talk about. Stereotypes of any kind affect the way we think and act in our daily lives. Stereotypes become ingrained in us whether we realize it or not. They become ingrained through our parents, off-the-cuff comments, media stories, racial jokes , and so on. We are told at a young age what is normal for girls and what is normal for boys. For example when a child is born we associated pink for girls and blue for boys. Pink represents feminist and blue represents muscular. We find ourselves molding our children into these stereotypes not realizing the harms of doing so. People tend to live up …show more content…
Parents can do a lot to free their children 's from the stereotypes that plague kids every day and cause them to take these stereotypes into adulthood. The first step a parent can take is to educate themselves. With a stronger understanding of social styles, you will be less likely to project the gender stereotypes you were taught onto the next generation. It 's important to remember that a child inherited their social style genetically, but they may have received their predominant style from the other spouse this explains why a child may be different from one parent and you must be able to accept those differences. Parents have to discover and value their child 's own social style and convey their appreciation of that child 's uniqueness and differences. Don 't try to mold your child into something they are not. You will only frustrate and upset that child by doing so. By understanding social styles and teaching your kids to understand them, you can begin to make sense of certain behaviors and think of ways to improve. Don 't wait for teachers to show your children how to solve conflicts and build cohesive relationships. It 's important that the training comes from the parents, and it should start when your children are very young. It takes an investment of time and energy, but the reward you and your children will reap are enormous. It will be well worth your

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