Stereotypes And Representations Of African American Women In Scandal

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Stereotypes play a vital role in today’s society, particularly in the misinformation of images. According to Webster’s dictionary, stereotyping is defined as a permanent conventional notion or conception of an individual group of people. Stereotypes form when a person makes a perception of a whole culture or a gender inside of a culture based on the actions, appearance, and beliefs of one person. Stereotypes can be both negative and positive. However, in the media, they use stereotypes to misrepresent, but are highly accepted among people in society. Although Scandal is a high-rating television show many people love, it portrays African American women in a negative light. This essay is not meant to downplay African American screenwriter Shonda …show more content…
Although Olivia handles high profile scandals, the irony is that she is caught up in a scandal herself, which involves her affair with the president. For example, the article, “Representations of African American Political Women in Scandal” discusses the fact that Olivia’s persuasiveness is intriguing and illustrates African American women possessing the ability to have a bold attitude. Her confident mannerisms coincide with her successful career. Whenever the President lays his eyes on Olivia, there is no doubt that they two are attracted to each other. During the show, the President and Olivia have numerous intimate encounters in his office of the White House. After they would finish making out in the office, Olivia would leave the White House like nothing had happened. Her actions suggest that she portrays the “Jezebel” stereotype, always luring those of value that have something to offer her. Another example is that Olivia continues to have an affair with the president, despite him having to uphold his public image as the President, having a wife and kids, she continues to still be involved with him sexually and even admits that he is the love of her life. This alone leads non African American viewers to come up with the stereotype that African American women are content with affairs, and are incapable of being in their own steady relationships and marriages. Her character feeds into the ego of Caucasian males, and as vital and intelligent Kerry Washington’s character may seem to the show, she is still reduced to the Caucasian male’s side

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