TV Influences: Fifty Years Of Fashion

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TV INFLUENCES- Fifty Years of Fashion by Valerie Steele p.118-
Yuppie culture may have helped to be defined by popular TV shows such as Dynasty, a popular obsession and 1980s nighttime TV series. End paraphrase. The show garnered worldwide popularity, coinciding with the increased demand of cable within the households in Western culture. The show exhibited the lifestyle of the wealthy, wearing luxurious designer garments, perhaps responsible for furthering the ‘wealthy’ appearance trend of the 80s (Steele, 1997, p.118). Due to cable becoming more accessible in the 1980s, with 70% of the American population having it, (– ) this access created more exposure to the TV shows like Dallas and Dynasty, therefore the fashion in the show allowed greater influence for fashion trend. This was shown through the women in Dynasty wearing shoulder pads, therefore it became the fashion to do so as well. Also, actress Jane Fonda was influential in pioneering the fitness wear trend of the 80s as she was the first major celebrity to do an exercise video. She displayed leg-warmers and lycra ( Thus marked the essential beginning of women having to show off a fashionably
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His debut of ‘Thriller’ saw him don a red-leather jacket, an iconic piece to be copied by millions of men and women around the world as his celebrity status was extraordinary. It could be argued that Michael Jackson was responsible for military jackets coming into trend, embezzled in sequins. The demand for military jackets significantly increased throughout the 80s. This was because Michael Jackson was the epitome of pop culture, and was a style icon that everyone admired.

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