Influence of Iliad to Troy Essay

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First off, Homer's Iliad was the main source of influence for Wolfgang Petersen's film, Troy. However, even though it is directly influenced by the poem, Troy does not stay true to the poem for the entire movie. Some major difference's between Homer's Iliad and Wolfgang Petersen's film Troy, is that there was no mention of the Gods being participants in the battle of Troy. This was a major plot point in Homer's Iliad, as the Gods who fought on the battlefield had somewhat of an influence on the outcome of each battle and eventually the outcome of the war. By taking out the 'God' element that the original poem had, Wolfgang Petersen has given the film more room for human emotions. This allows themes like love to be much more emphasised than …show more content…
That is the way I love Helen." By looking at this example, Wolfgang Petersen's way of thinking makes sense, by taking the Gods out of the plot, Petersen can allow for the love of two mortals to bring about the long Trojan war. If Petersen did add the Gods into the plot line, then the main theme which is shown in the film Troy would not be as prominently featured in the film. As stated before, in previous posts, Wolfgang Petersen would have likely changed this major plot point, to cater for the modern audience. This gives more appeal to modern audience members. This is again due to the modern audience's love for drama and romance, more so than violence and philosophical musings.

Another difference between Petersen's version of the Trojan war and the original by Homer is the addition of emotions for the character Achilles. In the film Achilles is seen to be mourning the loss of a great warrior, Hector. However, in The Iliad, Achilles who slaughters Hector, is not seen showing any sort of sympathy towards the great Trojan warrior's death. The addition of emotions to Achilles' character again gives the whole drama element to the overall theme of the movie. It makes Achilles seem like one of us, instead of the brutal warrior he is actually described as in the poem. This gives the modern audience a sort of pity for Achilles, who has lost his cousin Patrocles (Patrocles being Achilles' cousin)and now he has killed a great warrior, who like him, loved his family.

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