What I Eat In America Essay

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There are many factors that influence what I eat personally and what Americans eat across the nation. Eating in America has become an entire culture itself, since the opening of the first McDonalds fast and mass produced food has become a staple in American eating. Many influences such as time, culture, lifestyle, economic situations and more. Obesity is becoming more common in the citizens of the US and nothing is being done to stop it. At the rate we are going we will have to dig bigger grave plots and it seems safe to say we are eating ourselves to death. Time has a big impact on how I eat, sometimes I may have time to eat breakfast in the morning before I leave for school other times I have no time at all and have to buy something quick like juice and a granola bar. I work also during the evening and after working eight hours food is usually the last thing on my mind. If I do have time to eat my family is a very old style family I would say, my father brings home the ingredients and my mother begins to cook them once all the cooking is done we usually eat dinner …show more content…
The great thing about being culturally diverse is all the food you get to eat. I am of Hispanic descent so automatically I eat a lot of beans a very good amounts of meat and vegetables here and there, but one good thing is that my parents are so culturally diverse that they cook meal from different cultures. Each and every day it’s something different than before. My father has a passion for cooking and I do have an affinity towards cooking so we are always trying something new from different cultures.
There are thousands of factors that affect how we eat, eating has taken such priority that it’s all some people think about. America is becoming obese and we are doing nothing to stop it yet we are enabling it every by doing nothing. We will soon realize that we are either going to need to dig

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