Ancient Rome's Influence On The World Today

Rome left a lasting legacy that influenced the world today in many positive ways, such as their system of government, engineering skills, and realistic art. The Romans developed a type of government that many countries live under today. They made innovations to help them with engineering, and many places use their techniques and creations now. Rome had artists who created art whose significant styles carry on today in modern work.
Rome created a government that positively impacted societies today. During the Pax Romana, a time of peace in Rome, government changed for the better. These changes lasted for centuries. Augustus, a Roman emperor, set up a service where he assigned people to manage grain supply, tax collections, and the postal system
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They expressed their artistic skills through architecture, but they were mostly famous for their mosaics. Romans made mosaics by piecing little tiles together to show scenes from their everyday lives or people they honored. Floor decorations were mostly made from mosaics. Today, many artists create mosaics that can be used for this purpose or just to be admired in general. In pieces from modern times, a lot of emotion can be seen through their creations. Emotions in art were partly introduced by Romans, and they were one of the very first cultures to show feelings in their work. Architecture was a kind of art that Romans excelled in as well. Their structures influenced ways of building today and engineering techniques used now. When the US government built the capital city, they used ideas and past examples from Ancient Rome as a model for what this type of city should look like. Some specific examples of Rome’s impact in the US were the capital building, the Jefferson memorial, and the University of Virginia. All of these well-known structures were based on architecture that was inspired by Rome, and the US is still using inspiration today. Engineering played a big part in the architecture of these buildings, which was influenced by Rome. The Romans innovated Greece’s style of building to create arches, vaults (an arch that forms a ceiling or roof), and domes. Cultural diffusion had a great impact on Europe back then, and …show more content…
Rome had a positive lasting legacy on societies within their continent and across the seas. The United States was majorly influenced by Rome’s innovative ideas. The government structure is solely based off of the Roman Empire’s government. It uses similar systems and roles of the people to shape the US and keep everyone in order. The tools Romans developed to help in construction really helped builders today all over the world. The invention of concrete and ways of using it were huge contributions to the modern world. The buildings that stand today wouldn’t be there without this influence. The aqueducts and roads that keep countries organized are inspired by Rome and these wouldn’t be such big advancements if it weren’t for their innovative ideas that were worthy of being followed. The art was also worthy of being carried along to modern times as a way for people to express themselves or to make a living. The art that modern artists create are greatly impacted by Roman artists because of their techniques and details they used. So many inventions from the Romans were passed along through centuries for countries to follow today, and they are becoming more advanced because of one idea and a legacy that

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