Infinite Diversity : What You Don 't Know Can 't Harm You? Essay

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Is it true that what you don’t know can’t harm you? If so, why? If not, why not?

Infinite diversity in people reveals the fundamental differential nature of us. Thus it is impossible to come up with a universal standard that every one would agree with. Although there are some qualities such as safety, health, beauty and money, that general desirable enough for most of the people to omit the minority, I still believe that the best way to measure one’s well-being is always to personalize to individual experience. Therefore in this essay I shall argue that what you don’t know can not harm you in the cognitive aspect, under the premise of the desire-fulfillment theory of well-being.
Imagine that Anna had a beloved pet dog which she got it in her very young. She has such a strong relationship with it that she even feels the dog is one of her family members. Unfortunately, one day during her absence for school, her dog came across a car accident and died. Her family didn’t want to break her heart so they told Anna that the dog was sent to their relatives because no one at home had time to take care of it. Anna was sad, of course, but we can easily conceive that compare to the loss of believing her dog was sent away, knowing her dog gone will bring her much more grief. As long as she does not know, the fact that her dog has died will not hurt her, and her well-being level is higher.
There are plenty of examples in our daily lives that others tell lies out of kindness which is…

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