Industrialization: The Positive And Negative Effects Of Globalization

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The urban environment as we have come to know it today, has been through multiple changes and major restructuring during the human history. What is now known as an advances 21st century industrialized city, has had several reforms. Some of these reforms were rapid, some unexpected and many are still taking place today. All these advancements are shaped by people, new ideas, new goals and new inventions. These advancements are fuelled by transportation brought to us with the automobile, new technology such as the internet, mass production and mass consumption driven by globalization, and ultimately earning more revenue. All of which have led to the altering, restructuring and development of today’s metropolitans.
In the 1920’s the Ford Motor Company single handedly brought us from a horse and buggy, to an era of transportation where we had machines powered by fuel transporting us (Module 5 Video 1). The infusion of assembly line in the manufacturing process, was the beginning of an era of mass production for mass consumption, Fordism was born. It took one tenth of the time to build the Ford model T car, than any other car at the
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I would argue that globalization and the technology that comes with it seems to be taking us back in time, instead of forward. As an emphasis is being placed in the global economy, while undermining the political boundaries of nations (Code, 2015). The growing number of children working in factories, is creating an even larger gap between the poor and the rich. Similar to the relationship between the aristocracy and the peasants in the two class pre-industrialization society. Furthermore, the new work from home trends, allow more individuals to be at their workplace while at home. Similar to the cottage home based industry of the pre-industrialization era that we examined in previous

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