American Patriotism In America 1908, By Theodore Roosevelt

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The year 1908 was not that much different from other years, Rasenberger would have his readers believe. In his acclaimed novel, America 1908, Rasenberger takes what seems like ordinary events upon first glance, into an intertwined narrative that encompasses the most memorable changes to America throughout that year. He teaches us that more than any other year in the 20th-century, 1908 set up what would be America’s destiny.
Acknowledging the formidable challenges of prominent racism and the need for labor reforms, he makes the case for a changing nation as confident and powerful as its president in 1908, Theodore Roosevelt. In the three-page account of Theodore Roosevelt 's presidency he metaphorically describes his leadership as a point-to-point
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Roosevelt forages the White House making the world seem ready for American innovation, exploration and colonization. He focuses on the imperialistic aspect of Roosevelt and the new wave of politics he brought. One of the most symbolic moments of American patriotism in the novel was shown as Roosevelt dispatched his "Great White Fleet" on a "Friendship Cruise" around the world, showing off newly found American strength. In the two-page dedication to the fleet he makes it known the importance of 1908 and Roosevelt in the progression of America as a world leader. However, Rasenberger shows, a different reality was hiding behind the red, white and blue American ships as they continued their navigation around the world. Wealth was obscenely concentrated in the Country. He makes it a point to comment on the increasing gap between the rich and poor, noting that 2% of the population owned around 60% of the wealth. He also notes that around 35,000 Americans died on the job each year, that with a population about a third of today 's, greatly due to the increased technologies …show more content…
I appreciated his ability to form an exceptional story out of events that we consider to be miniscule, even though they came together to form the building blocks of our modern society. As he makes clear, 1908 was a time where Americans were focused on their future and all the possibilities of the world they would shape, disregarding boundaries and the thought of impossibility. It was brilliant of him to also include images from this time period that further connect the text to our perception of the time period, they really helped me understand the context as well as contrast the time period with is common in the 21st century. While I haven’t read several of the books Rasenberger cites in his source list, I think the idea of combining all of these events into one novel was incredibly ingenious, and it is something that stood out to me. I do believe that the novel is masterfully written, and I am amazed at Rasenburger’s ability to thread all these major events, and even the random happenstances, together while continuing to keep the novel engaging all throughout. I enjoyed the novel and its eloquent examination of the America that was, and I believe that may even help cast light on the America that has yet to

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