Industrialization Of Industrialization During Industrialization

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Even though industrialization bought about things like light and a faster means of production and trading it came at a cost. As time progressed from the start of industrialization countries began competing with each other for raw materials this meant, forming and breaking alliances all so they could imperialize other nations and show how great they are through nationalism. With industrialization less skilled workers were needed because the machines did most of the work. (Doc. 2) This lead to owners of factories paying people less than they had pre-industrialization because their specialized skills weren’t required to get the job done. Instead they needed someone to assure that the machine was working properly. With people now being so expendable, they needed to get used to a stricter set of rules. Workers needed to learn to obey the strict order of discipline otherwise they may have been out of a job or fined. (Doc. 6) Due to the many options factory owners had over who worked now they choose those that would work for the least amount of money, which were mostly children. Child Labor was seen in many factories and in the Parliamentary papers, in Great Britain, 1842 child labor is being observed as degrading. Child labor was a consequence of industrialization, due to the fact that it degraded children, such as those working in Messrs Hopwood’s pit at Barnsley. Those children, both male and female, hat to strip to make it easier for them to get into the pit and do their work.…

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