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Industrialism in Europe started in the 1780’s specifically Britain. Britain was the world's first industrial country. This made Britain the world's richest nation producing most of the world's coal. Industrialism then spread to other countries throughout Europe including Belgium, France, and Russia. In Europe countries governments were pushing industrialism by building roads, railroads, and canals. In Europe they eventually had a rail system stretching throughout. In America an industrial revolution also began to brew. The population in America began to grow rapidly leading to cities having populations over 100,000. Farmers had left their farms going to work in factories in the nearby cities. In the early 1800’s the steam engine was created leading to the invention of the steam boat. Then the Steam engine train was developed leading to railroads to be built spanning all across the americas in the late 1800’s. The population in Britain also began to increase. They went from around 140 …show more content…
Belgium had broke free from the dutch and italy had also tried to break free from their leader. Another French revolution had broke out due to economic problems which led to the middle class and peasants to struggle. The Crimean war led to a long hard time between Russia and the Ottoman Empire. Nationalism in the united states also began to take place due to the Constitution. There was a split between Federalists and Republicans, both wanting different forms of power in the government. Slavery in America also led to america to break apart. The south wanting slavery due to their cotton fields providing most of their economy. The North were trying to end slavery which threatened the South's economy. Abraham lincoln was then elected president in America and this led to the American civil war. This was a very bloody and hard war but the north had taken the victory and led slaves to

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