Industrial Revolution: Positive Or Negative Effects On Society

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The Industrial Revolution was such an important time period that has influenced the entire world. It is quite obvious that the revolution did create positive and negative effects on society. The question is, was the Industrial Revolution more positive or negative? The Industrial Revolution was the gateway to so many great things. It also caused hardship among the families and everyday life. While some might argue that Industrialization had primarily positive consequences for society because economic growth, it was actually a negative thing for society. Industrialization’s negative effects were a horrible working environment, the filthy, over-crowded cities, and the separation of families. To begin, the Industrial Revolution resulted in business …show more content…
People swarmed to the job opportunities and relocated their families into the cities where work was available. Encarta Online Encyclopedia reported, "As countries industrialized, they also urbanized. This was a result of people moving to cities in large numbers in order to gain factory jobs" (Document #6). People were attracted to all the job opportunities, so they wanted to pursue a better life in the city. Unfortunately, the cities were not equipped for the large migration of people. The space was limited, and the amount of waste produced from the large population did not have proper disposal methods. The factories also did not have proper disposal methods. Encarta explains, "... industrial growth brought with it a host of environmental pollution problems" (Document #3). Factories had no standards with how they disposed of waste. Rivers soon began to pollute, due to factories dumping waste products in them. This raised the risk of water borne diseases. In addition, the factories produced a large amount of green house gases, which were not healthy to inhale. A photograph showed (the tenements were very crowded and the children had no space to play) (Document #6). This was the result of a city that could not accommodate the massive population. The crowded population was a factor in the sanitation issue. The condensed population also helped spread disease at a …show more content…
The working conditions were at an all time low and the employers did not have the heart to protect them. The cities became so populated that the waste products got littered wherever was convenient at the time. Finally, the families were separated. They always had to be at work and cope with the long hours pressed on them by their employers. The revolution did advance technology, but innocent people were negatively affected as a result of

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