‘Indraprastha Ice and Cold Storage Ltd’ Case Analysis and Recommendations

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As part of her efforts to market South Africa in the UK and Ireland, she was heavily involved in publishing the SA Fact Filer Magazine, which was produced and published in that region. She said, “I would sit down with the entire team that was producing that, and brief them — what I want, where I want it.” When Motlekar eventually returned to South Africa, she picked up the management of her hair salons and other businesses previously managed by her fiancé; however she still made time to get married and produce two books; The Heritage, and a coffee table book, JAZZ Africa Heritage. She then returned to the North West Province Parks & Tourism Board as chief marketing officer during 2006 and 2007.
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R1 = US$0.13 and €0.09 as at November 8, 2011. Interview with Nawaal Motlekar, April 30, 2009. 3 Polony is an affordable manufactured meat product, typically including pork and basic spices.

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Motlekar stated, “I don’t like sitting around and I don’t like being involved in something unless I feel that I can make a difference. Everywhere I go I see opportunities, and I refuse to be thought of as window dressing.” Motlekar realised creativity was a real passion for her and in 2006 launched the quarterly tourism publication, Heritage Magazine. Another passion that needed to be nurtured was children — both the longing to have her own and the desire to help those in previously disadvantaged

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