Eating In Vs Eating Out Analysis

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Lemak and some spicy side dish. Now, the fast food restaurants from the western countries also become popular in Indonesia. However, Indonesians still prefer to eat the Indonesian foods. The reason why most people choose fast food is because of the convenience. Bryan Walsh in the article Lamenting the Decline of the Home Cooked Meal in Japan, stated that “with limited time and desire for balanced home cooking, many people simply grab prepackaged meals at convenience stores, or eat fattening fast food.” This means that many people eat food that is from conveniences store or fattening food. Fortunately, Indonesian food is convenient. The food from Indonesia usually is cooked before the costumers come and buy. It is just like convenient foods. Thus, I think Indonesian foods will still popular even though many western foods have been introduced in Indonesia.

Moreover, most women in Indonesia don’t work, they have time to cook at home. However, many countries like America, most women usually work. As a result, they don’t have time to prepare for the meal. Thus, some people prefer to eat in because it is cheaper, while others prefer to eat out because of the convenience. To understand more about this
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Likewise, Paula Martinac in her article Eating in Vs. Eating Out claimed that “you can also stretch a smaller serving of meat by cutting it into strips and stir-frying it with vegetables, thereby cutting down on cost, as well as saturated fat.” It means that we can control how much nutrition on the that we consume and how much food that we eat. By preparing the food for ourselves, we can estimate the nutrition we consume and the cost we use in the food. The price for eating in is also cheaper because when we eating in a restaurant, there are many factor that make the foods more expensive like tips, employees, chef, and profits of the restaurant. In short, we can save money and have a better diet by eating at

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