Indiana State Board Of Nursing Case Study

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Nursing is a calling, and a noble profession. Therefore, we must be committed to the profession by ensuring we practice according to the guidelines of the profession. The utmost goal of our practice is to care for the people who need our services in other to live healthily. Nurses who refuse to carry out the task we were ordained to do, or violate the ethics of the profession with regards to client care, and others will have to face the consequences/penalty by either being on probation, suspension or paying fine. Out of the cases presented at the Indiana State Board of Nursing meeting, I choose case number two. The respondent in the case was Kasey A. Barnard. She worked in three different hospitals/ organizations and was terminated from them all. The names of the hospitals are Reid Hospital and Healthcare Services in Richmond, Indiana, Flatrock River Lodge in Rushville, Indiana and Especially Kidz Health and Rehab in Shelbyville, Indiana. …show more content…
In all, she had four violations. Not only that, she was a drug addict. She was addicted to Methamphetamine, and accused of fraud and deceit when renewing her nursing license. In addition, she stole an entire box which contains 100 units of Ice 29G1/2 Insulin safety syringes. She also failed to disclose the reason why she was terminated from her job. When she was renewing her nursing license, she denied ever received a termination from previous jobs. She did not state any reasons for her actions. But from my own view, she does all these things under the influence of drugs. She stole syringes because she does inject herself the drug she uses. She also knew that her actions are not right, this maybe one of the reasons for not disclosing or answering questions when renewing her

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