Indian Removal Of The United States Essay

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The United States was developed both geographically and socioeconomically through Indian Removal. The use of force propelled a capitalist society in which taking what we want is not only accepted, but encouraged. This led to the idea of Manifest Destiny. Manifest Destiny is the belief that Americans are superior to others and are morally obligated to expand the territory from coast to coast. Colonist believed the best way to gain land was to remove the Indians because of the mindset of Manifest Destiny. The ideology of Manifest Destiny led to the spread of colonists into Mexican territory, ultimately leading to the expansion of the United States. The colonists believed that anything can be property, including people. Race discrimination played a role in creating the idea of “manifest destiny”, sending them to obtain land past the line that was drawn by the Proclamation of 1763. The Indian removal, the spread into Mexican territory, and racial inequality shaped the United States for what it is today.
Indian removal influenced the development of the United States through geographical expansion to increase economic growth. The United States thrived as a slave society and had no room for Indians. It was a common belief that Indians were not necessary and could be dealt with by pure force. In 1803 the Louisiana purchase doubled the size of the nation and the idea of manifest destiny grew. The removal of Indians made way between the Appalachians and the Mississippi. This made…

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