Essay about Indian Removal Act Of 1830

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Throughout the early to mid-1830; the United States was in the process of change once again, it was looking to expand the nation further west. Yet this was not going to be a simple task as those in power would hope for. In order to be able to continue to move westward they need to impose their will on the indigenous people of the land with the Indian Removal Act of 1830, and by increasing taxes on the population to help fund a larger military with the Force Bill of 1833. Plus, the idea of Manifest Destiny is spreading across the country rapidly. Encouraging citizens to want to move out west. Even the citizens that had moved out west in to the newer territories, and Mexico were calling for westward expansion. This would cause increase tension with those in the areas that would lead to rebellion with in their areas. With these acts of rebellion, the United States would capitalize on them, and begin their expansion westward. They were able to manipulate the citizens into justifying the government expansion of power, and taking of land of others.
01st of November 1821
It has been over a month since the attack on my garrison by the Mexican army. I still do not know how I was able to escape from the attack. I was wondering the desert for at least three days before I was found by a young American trader, and his wife. They were on their way to Austin to take over one of his father’s trading post. Father’s, I wonder what mine would think of me now? Not that we had much contact…

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