India 's Violence Against Women Essay

728 Words Apr 17th, 2015 3 Pages
Violence against women in India is one of the biggest issues that is rooted in traditional culture and economic dependence. There are many laws that underline the discriminatory practices that favor men. Inadequate policing and jurisdiction denies female victims from proper protection and justice, although female partaking in public life is on the rise, and are trying to have laws amended in their favor. India is currently in America’s past and has a long way to go to make its women equal citizens in their own country. But what separates India from America? In India, the society grows up in a situation where they perceive violence against women to be the norm. The majority of the violence against women is in the form of domestic violence, commonly resulting in dowry deaths and cruelties. Dowry is both a practice and a problem associated within traditional Indian marriage. Though it was more common in the culture of Hindus, dowry has now integrated into almost all of the Indian religious groups. Dowry is also the wealth transferred from the bride’s family to the groom’s family. The wealth can be in the form of property, money, jewelry, cars, etc… The bride’s family is compelled to give some dowry as a bargain for marriage. As a result, many Indian families are preferring to give birth to boys, and when they have a girl, they would abandon or sex-selectively abort them. This depicts the Indian society to be devaluing women based on their own dowry system. This practice has…

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