Essay on Incident Involving American Airlines Flight 2253

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This case study discusses in great detail the December 29th, 2010, incident involving American Airlines flight 2253. This aircraft is a Boeing 757-200 with the registered tail number of N668AA. Upon landing, this large commercial airliner ran off the departure end of runway 19 and came to a gentle stop in deep snow at Jackson Hole Airport, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The occupants were not injured, and the airplane sustained minor damage (NTSB, 2010). The subsequent accident investigation revealed some areas of improvement in regards to pilot training, systems operation or in-operation, and proper emergency situations. As a result of this investigation, three new safety recommendations are issued and three existing safety recommendations are reiterated to the Federal Aviation Administration (NTSB, 2010).

The Incident At about 1138 Mountain Standard Time on December 29, 2010, a American Airlines Boeing 757-200 tail number N668AA, flying as flight 2253, rolled off of the departure end of runway 19 after landing at Jackson Hole Airport (JAC), Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The aircraft stopped in deep snow about 730 feet past the departure end of the runway. All souls aboard, which consisted of 2 pilots, 4 flight attendants, and 179 passengers, were uninjured and the aircraft suffered minor damage. The flight was being operated under the provisions of 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 121. The aircraft was operated by and registered to American Airlines as a…

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