Remembering The Wu Plane Crash Analysis

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In the documentary Remembering the WSU Plane Crash, they documented the October 2, 1970 plane crash that killed 31 people on the way to a game in Logan, Utah. The documentary explains and gives information into how and why the event happened and also how it could have been prevented as well as giving an inside look with members of the team that survived the crash. From 1970 to present day the effects of this event are very much alive, whether it be the annual memorial or the statue that stands in remembrance, you are reminded quite frequently of the event that changed Wichita State. The documentary goes into detail from many different perspectives, but the most powerful are the stories and memories that the members of the team who survived
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While most of the individuals answered the questions very strongly and powerful, there were instances where some of them were trying to hide the guilt that they thought they could have done more to save the others inside of the plane or at least went back in to try and save some of them. The event being the plane crash has effected them in ways that they can’t ignore and in ways that will stick with them forever. All of the individuals in the documentary had been effected by the event in one way or another and all of them to this day can still feel the pain and suffering in one way shape or …show more content…
This documentary on its own was a way for these individuals who had been effected to grief and kind of gain a sense of closure from the situation. One individual who specifically stuck out to me was the father of one the kids who died. He wanted to go to the top of the mountain to gain closure in the death of his son, this gentleman was using a cane and had to take frequent breaks during their climb, but he still mustered up the strength to go to the spot where his son had perished. The pain this father had went through is unimaginable and for him to have the power to climb to the top of the mountain to gain closure is remarkable. He mentioned in the movie that at the time of the crash he and his wife were going to flight out to Denver the very next day to search the mountain for their son because they believed that he was somewhere on the mountain. He did not want to accept the fact that his son had died and he was willing to do whatever it took to find him. Also shown in the documentary was one of the rescuers who helped clear the area and search for anyone/anything that was worth value. At the time of the event he was 12 years old and the plane crash was the very first mission he got to work. On the mission he picked up a wallet that contained images of someone’s family that ultimately shocked him and made the situation worse than he realized. When he saw that image he said he froze and wanted

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