Essay about Incident Investigation On Reporting Incidents

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1.0 Purpose
The Incident Investigation Plan describes methods for reporting incidents. The plan also provides a means to consistently manage all workplace incidents and comply with 29 CFR Part 1904.

2.0 Definitions
Incident – An event that could or does result in unintended harm or damage; includes personal injuries, near misses, property damage, or other damage.
Injury – Harm or damage to a person.
Near misses – Harm or damage that almost occurred to a person or property. The Safety Manager must:
► Complete an incident investigation form.
► Conduct the incident investigation at the scene of the injury or as soon possible.
► Interview the employee involved in the accident and witnesses. Each interview should be separate. Allow the employee to state what happened in their own words. Ask for clarification with open ended questions. Repeat the employee 's version of the event back to them to ensure accuracy, and record the data on the investigation form.
► Use of the incident investigation form is for tracking and reporting injuries, grouping injuries to identify trends, discussing with management possible solutions, follow-up and implement improvements
► Inform the VP of Operations and the Plant Manager of OSHA reportable injuries prior to any required OSHA notification.
► If a workplace incident results in hospitalization of three or more employees, a fatality, an amputation (even loss of fingertip), loss of eye, then report the incident within eight hours to OSHA…

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