Essay Incarnation, By Kenneth Rexroth And Touching The Earth

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Where we live and make our lives defines who we are and what connection we have to the world around us. The world itself is an incredible and mystical place, although most of us live such busy and modernized lives, we tend to forget about the world’s beauty and its natural gifts. Incarnation by Kenneth Rexroth and Touching the Earth by Bell Hooks meets course goal number seven, these readings help enhance the student’s understanding of the value of holistic thinking in making informed judgments’ and in applying values as they become increasingly conscious of what is at stake if we fail to understand the relationship between human culture and the environment. These readings not only express the importance of the world we live in, they also explain how inhabiting a place can shape our lives by meaningful experiences. In the poem Incarnation, by Kenneth Rexroth, we dive into a poem full of passion and respect. Rexroth speaks volumes when he describes the land he has before him with such love, a love that is equivalent to loving a woman. A love and respect so deep, that his choice in words shocks us. In line eleven he says “A Human thing in the empty mountains” refereeing to himself as a meaningless object inhabiting an incredible environment. He goes on and describes and compares the land to the body of a woman. “Fire in the deep curves of your hair: Your hips whirled in tango”, “This moment of fact and vision seizes immortality, Becomes the person of this place” pg, 168.…

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