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The impact of single parenting on family functions in the community of Spring Vale.

Definition of research problem
Throughout the Caribbean exist a wide variety of family types but the researcher has opted to state the specific issue; here within the community of Spring Vale Bog Walk St.Catherine, lies 1/3 of the family population being single parented with majority of the absent spouse being fathers. While doing the investigation the researcher noticed that majority of the families were dysfunctional. When questioned, the families were faced with financial, emotional
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A single parent is a person bringing up a child or children without a partner as defined by the Oxford Dictionary.
When the family functions well and performs its socializing, reproductive and economic role adequately, society as a whole is more cohesive. When a family is dysfunctional it cannot operates properly thus individual and society faces certain consequences. In accordance with the writings of Paul R. Amato from the journal writing The Future of Children Princeton. Bookings, in brief makes clear that the function of Single Parent is to adapt the role of a mother and father in order provide economically, socially and emotionally for the child/children, in order for support and assistance role; children coming from these families, hardly have their needs being met.
Researchers have several theories to explain the cause as to why children grow up under the supervision of a single parent. According to UNICEF Jamaica and Parenting they states that one of the cause to single parenting is that most children are born while their parents are in common-law relationship, but nearly half of these relationships have ended by the time child is five or six years old due to separation. With reference from Victoria McGrath an eHow contributing writer, states other contributing factor to the cause

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