In the Bedroom and "Killings" Essay

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In The Bedroom and "Killings" In The Bedroom and Killings are both based around the same story, they are however presented very differently. The short story "Killings" jumps around in the story revealing different events at different times, while the movie, In The Bedroom tells a more straightforward story. In The Bedroom shows the viewer exactly what is happening chronologically, "Killings" does not and provides a more effective and suspenseful story for the reader. Each story starts and reveals the conflict differently; In The Bedroom starts at one of the Strout children's birthday party. Frank Fowler is shown with Natalie Strout being affectionate, and then Richard Strout makes an uninvited appearance which sets off the conflict …show more content…
In the film Matt and Ruth are engaged in a fight that doesn't get resolved until Ruth reveals that she has been upset with Matt because she felt he didn't care enough about the killing of there son. Episodes like this take away from the main plot between the Fowler family and Richard Strout. "Killings" focuses on the main conflict which makes the story better for the reader. Another side conflict in the film is Mrs. Fowler conducting a choir. There are two scenes in the film where Ruth is teaching and it adds one affective part to the movie that was not in the short story. Natalie stops in to talk to her and hopefully make some sort of amends with Ruth but Ruth does not want to hear any of it and slaps her across the face.
"Killings" is overall more effective at keeping the reader enthused in the story than In The Bedroom for a number of reasons. The short story is concise with more action to keep the reader stimulated throughout. By not going chronologically the reader is also put into suspense which makes for a better experience. The film doesn't so quite as well. There are moments of anticipation; when Frank and Strout are fighting in Natalie's den and the confrontation scene at the end but not enough to keep the viewers attention for the whole time. While In The Bedroom is a very well done movie as it was Oscar-worthy. "Killings" still provides a plot that makes the reader think about the meaning of the story more so than

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