Conflict In Sign M Night

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The director of the movie Signs M. Night Shyamalan presents a conflict about a man being tested with his faith. Shyamalan makes the characters struggle with the death of a family member and an alien invasion. Throughout the film he portrays two different types of philosophies. The protagonist Graham Hess is a reverend and is married to a woman Colleen. The secondary characters are their kids named Morgan and Bo. The Hess family lives on a farm in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Colleen dies six months before the movie takes place. Graham’s brother named Merrill comes to live with the family after she dies. Morgan and Bo feel protected and safe with Merrill. There is a father-son relationship portrayed throughout the movie. Graham blames his father God for the death of Colleen. He becomes an ex-reverend because he’s angry with God for killing his wife. Morgan blames Graham for the death of his mother even …show more content…
During their last supper everyone says their last words. Even though Morgan tells Graham he hates him, they hug and it’s the first step of the healing process. The climax of the movie begins when an alien appears in their house and grasps Morgan in its arms. Graham has a flashback from the night of Colleen’s death. He sees her at the scene where she’s pinned between Ray’s truck and a tree. Colleen tells Graham to tell Merrill to “swing away” referring to his love for baseball. Colleen’s last words to Graham were her telling him to see. There are “signs” everywhere. The flashback ends and Graham sees Merrill’s baseball bat hanging on the wall. Graham says, “Swing away Merrill” and he grabs the bat. The alien releases a poisonous gas into Morgan’s face. Bo screams and Merrill hits the alien with his bat. The alien drops Morgan and falls backwards hitting a table. The glasses of water Bo leaves out spill onto the alien melting its skin. Bo’s glasses around the house are water bombs against

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