Graham Hess's Faith In The Movie 'Signs'

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In the movie Signs Graham Hess has gone through tough times causing him to question his faith and the reasons for the awful things happen to someone. M. Night Shyamalan directs Signs to show restoration in faith to a man, named Graham Hess, through character conflicts, philosophies, and a home invasion to prove that hope can be found no matter what the cause is for its loss.
Graham, is a former pastor who has recently just lost his wife due to a car accident. The accident has caused him to question his faith in God. He believes that he, along with everyone else, is alone in the world. He has started to pay less and less attention to his kids causing them to feel alone. Graham does not realize though that he is not alone in the world. He has his brother, Merrill, moves in to help Graham with his kids and his faith. Merrill is a former baseball player who could not make it professionally. Even though he holds five records, he also holds the worse being the most strikeouts, and therefore did not make the team. He shares when asked about it, that “it felt wrong not to swing” (Shyamalan). To further explain, Merrill is someone who always tries, he doesn’t give up. When he
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Their relationship is a lot like Graham’s and God. Each blaming their father for Colleen’s death. With the absence of Graham, Morgan has to look out for himself and his younger sister, Bo. In the beginning of Signs, when the first appearance of the aliens occurs their dog panics and goes to attack Bo. With the absence of Graham, Morgan protects his sister and has to kill his dog while battling with an asthma attack. Morgan hates his father for never being there for him and his sister, Bo. Bo has an issue with the taste of water. She believes that it tastes funny and therefore leaves glasses of water around the house. Not realizing that the glasses of water will be used as an advantage for the Hess family during their alien

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