Examples Of Fates In The Other Wes Moore

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Two boys with the same name, but through circumstances and choices they will face two different fates. Throughout the first few chapters of The Other Wes Moore the reader is able to see the diverse circumstances that will shape the lives of the two Wes Moore’s, such as their families, friends, and their enviorment.
At the beginning of the book we meet two young boys one is the author who has both a mother and a father who love and protect him, while the other Wes Moore was given the immense responsibility of being the man of the house at a young age. At the beginning of the book we meet the first Wes Moore he has just hit his sister as a game, which causes his mother chases him around the room and shout words at him he has never heard before. However before she does something she will regret her husband intervenes and reminds her “He’s only three. He doesn’t even understand what he did wrong. Do you really think he knows what a woman beater is?”(page 6). This first event shows us how close Wes is with his father even at such a young age. He further talks about how scared he was but when he hears his father he knows he “was saved for the moment”(page 6). Knowing this we see Wes has two parents who love him and each other creating for him a stable household. Later the reader meets the other Wes Moore who is speaking with his mother and instinctively knows something is wrong “he wanted to ask what was wrong but decided against pressing his mother”(page16). In this passage we see that Wes is the man of the household and has an immense responsibility in that task. He later describes “He felt he had to take care of her: his father had been a ghost since birth”(page18). This then shows the reader the unstable household Wes lives in. In this

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