The Sandlot: A Baseball Movie: The Sandlot

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The Sandlot is a baseball movie about friendship and sticking together when someone gets in a “pickle.” It’s summer time in 1962 in the California, which is “the same summer Dodger Maury Wills would break the stolen bases record.” Our main character, Scotty Smalls just moved to the valley two weeks before school gets out for summer, and like all new kids he is afraid to make new friends. While he is unpacking he sees a boy with his baseball glove walking across the street, so that night he asks his stepdad to teach him how to throw a ball. This movie is so special to me because I remember playing softball with my friends every chance we got but also because I know what it’s like to not only be the new kid. Scotty maybe the new kid in town …show more content…
When they walk outside to play the first thing Bill says is to keep an eye on the ball, foreshadowing what is to come maybe? Bill throws the ball and Scotty misses, when he has the ball in his hand he stops for a minute hesitant to through it back and instead of doing so he walks it over to Bill dropping it in his glove. Bill throws the ball and he misses again, instead of walking it over or throwing it this time he rolls it over to Bill the balling stoping in the middle of them. Bill reminds Scotty to keep and eye on the ball and this time when he throws it Scotty catches it but right in front of his face his hand not doing much to absorb the impact leaving him with a big black eye. Scotty getting hit in the face with the ball is a metaphor we have all experienced, many of us have tried to do something new and had it not go over well, as for Scotty he tried something new and had it literally smacked him in the face. Even though it didn’t go over well for Scotty he kept trying just like many of us have, whether it be a bad game or a bad grade on a test we have all taken it as a learning experience and tried harder for the …show more content…
Scotty persevered and kept trying even after it all kept going wrong, and people wouldn’t have blamed him for trying to find another hobby more suitable for him. I feel like Scotty is a person that should looked up to he may not be the best baseball player, and sure he may be a little on the nerdy side but he kept trying and his determination is something that I know I along with many others wish to have. Scotty is like us all in many ways wether it be trying to fit in, trying something new and having it not go over well, or trying to save ourselves from embarrassment in front of our friends, we have all had a “Scotty” experience at some

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