Character Analysis Of Frank In Little Miss Sunshine

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Character Analysis of Frank in
Little Miss Sunshine
Anne Boucard
Monmouth University
Little Miss Sunshine is a 2006 film about a family and their unusual road trip to California, in anticipation for their daughter Olive to win a beauty pageant. Frank, Olive’s uncle, experienced emotional turmoil when he lost his job and went through relationship problems with his lover. Consequently, he attempted to commit suicide by mutilating his wrists. However, due to lack of insurance coverage, Frank was discharged from the hospital and placed into Sheryl’s guardianship for closed observation and suicidal precaution. Frank’s gloomy
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There was no past medical history none stated in the movie. Frank was self-committed at hospital due to major depression and suicidal attempts, history of mutilation as evidenced by bilateral wrist cutting. Frank is a single homosexual who currently lives with his sister and family. He is an unemployed Proust scholar. He denies any use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco.
In the movie, Frank suffered from major depressive disorder. Frank displayed the following symptoms: depressed mood most of the days, insomnia, suicide attempt, guilt, anhedonia, and loss of energy.
S: Upon discharge from the hospital, Frank appeared tired, dull, listless and apathetic sitting in a wheelchair gazing aimlessly through a window; that could be attributed due to his lack of
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Frank experienced rejection by his graduate student lover over his academic rival ‘Larry Sugarman’. Frank ran into his former lover and his academic rival during a rest stop on his way to California. Evidence from the movie showed that he felt distraught, disappointed and ashamed. He attempted to hide his wrists behind his back while talking to his ex-lover. His dismayed face expressed sadness when his ex-lover informed him that he was with Larry driving to Sedona for a week-end spa. He attempted to block’s his lover’s view from glancing at his purchase of pornographic magazines. Loss of job and eviction from his apartment could contribute to Frank’s feeling of

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